Fictionally yours, Melbourne

​Melbourne is a cultural and vibrant city, often referred to as the 'creative hub' of Australia. With its vibrant arts scene, performance festivals, laneway street art and burgeoning cocktail, café and food culture, it truly is one of the most inspiring places in the land Down Under--in particular when it comes to writing.

The birthplace of the Emerging Writers Festival and the famous Melbourne Writers Festival, it really is no surprise that Victoria's capital city should play host to Fictionally Yours, the first large-scale author-signing in Victoria.

It started as a simple idea: avid reader and author, Penny Rudge dreamed of having an author event in Australia. With three planned events within Australia in 2014, she noticed the gap in the marketplace; and in Australia’s city of the arts, no less. Melbourne needed an author event of its very own.

The response was overwhelming, and what started out as a dream in mid 2013 turned into an amazing opportunity, with more than seventy local and international authors signing up in the first week of January 2014.

This epic event would still only be a dream without the talented and dedicated Tina Gephart contributing her skill and passion to the team.

These enthusiastic and talented women form a brilliant collaborative force, bringing all the very best authors together to celebrate their common love of writing and reading, engaging and interacting in person with their fans.

With all the love for writing, reading, and their hometown, Melbourne, it seemed the only way to convey how dear this event is to them was to sign off with love, Fictionally yours.

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