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One of the challenges when living on the streets is personal hygiene, some people shower at shelters and some in public toilet blocks, either way people are constantly worrying ‘Who is around’ or ‘Am I safe’.

In 2014 One Voice launched Australia’s first Mobile Shower Service in Melbourne.

We ran the pilot service at Batman Park in Melbourne and provided the following services:

- A safe environment to shower, shave and get clean.

- Referral services to organisations that provide support and assistance.
- Distribution of free hygiene products and clothes.

The service is currently located in Werribee and making a huge difference in the lives of many. 

The pilot was so successful with an average of 18 people using the service each night that:

In 2015 One Voice launched a World first Mobile Shower Bus, the service is fully self contained and has on-board water tanks, instantaneous hot water and generated electricity. Basically we can take the bus into the desert and provide showers for up to 40 people.

This was made possible by Ventura Bus Lines, Aldi Australia, Tradelink, NHP Electrical, Rinnai, EMS, JTR, Motosign and many others who joined their Voice with One Voice.

Through your generous financial support, we can help young Australians achieve their dreams.

One Voice is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Charity by the Australian Tax Office.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible (ABN: 73 613 678 967)

Financial Donations:

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The team at Fictionally yours, Melbourne understand and appreciate that with our platform, we can not only bring together authors and their readers, but we can also do something to help those in need. We have found that this community, the book community, is caring and want to help. FYM is just a vessel, its the people who choose to use this opportunity to donate that are the ones making a difference. The team have decided to support The Melbourne Period Project and One Voice. Both charities are Melbourne based and help the homeless. We are proud to assist them both with their incredible work. #FYMCARES #WOMENHELPINGWOMEN


Supporting women experiencing homelessness by providing sanitary products, help and support. 

The hope of the Melbourne Period Project is to provide care, support and sanitary products for homeless women.

Imagine the humiliation, pain and fear that women experience when they’re sleeping rough and their period arrives. They often have nothing. Imagine having to ask a stranger for sanitary products, even if that stranger is there to help

We aim to find 100 women to act as sister sponsors and sponsor a homeless woman though her period. Our idea is that each time you get your period it's your reminder to donate one pack of sanitary products to the Melbourne Period Project, or $5 and we will purchase them on your behalf. 

You can sponsor as a one off only, or as many times as you like. We will not send reminders or ask you where your pack is. The idea is that your own period is your reminder that it's time to send a pack in. 

We will make up and provide pre made packs to homeless women through our distributors. These packs will come in 4 different varieties and each will have extras such as disposable scented bags, wipes, gloves and hand sanitiser.

Sunflower Pack - 25 Super tampons, 5 Super pads + extras.
Rose Pack - 25 Regular tampons, 5 Regular pads + extras
Poppy Pack - A mix of Pads only + extras
Tulip Pack - A mix of tampons only + extras
Hemlock Pack - For Transgender Men - Personalised + extras. 

Sponsors will simply send one box of tampons or packet of sanitary pads each month of whatever product they use and we will make the individual packs up, pop them in the bags, and deliver them to our distribution partners and agencies we feel could help.

Those who can't get to a post office or would prefer to donate, can send in $5 and we will purchase the products. Any donations over are tax deductible. 

Whether it’s a one off, or a continuing donation, we sincerely appreciate every single donation. Please send us a message via our facebook page or email if you would like to help.

*The Melbourne Period Project would like to acknowledge Transgender males who are also in need of sanitary products. Our use of feminine pronouns and terminology is in no way meant to exclude these individuals.

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or bring any items listed above to a Fictionally yours, Melbourne event and we'll pass them on for you.