Fictionally yours, Melbourne

Planning an event the size of Fictionally Yours, Melbourne is too large to undertake yearly. It was for this reason that we decided to run every two years, confident that your thirst for signings would be quenched by other signing events in other states. But when the opportunity presented itself to do something a little different, we embraced it in the only way the FYM Team know how—Go hard or go home. We are more than up for the challenge.

It all started with a conversation in Montreal, Canada of all places. Tina, a very enthusiastic Christina Lauren fan, approached the writing duo with her trusty books to sign, fully expecting they’d have a quick conversation and she would move along to a corner where she could stroke her signed books seductively in private. What happened instead blew her ever-loving mind. 

Casually thanking them both for their commitment to visit Australia in 2016, she mentioned that while it wasn’t FYM, we were excited they were making the trip. In all honesty, getting authors we love here regardless of which signing is a win for Aussie readers. They were unsurprisingly gracious and apologized for having to cancel the previous years to which she assured them readers understood. It was then that Lauren suggested that given they were coming all that way they should just stop on by in Melbourne. Long blink. Say what? 

There is more to the story (namely Tina trying to not freak the hell out) but in the interest of brevity I will fast forward to part in the conversation where they asked if they came to Melbourne would we organize something for the readers. Her answer—Hells yes.

So Fictionally Yours, Melbourne UNPLUGGED was born. It’s not a signing, it’s an experience where we strip off the layers and relax with your favourite authors. Our first: Christina and Lauren @ The Apartment on August 19th 2016. 

For $15 AUD you will have the opportunity to meet Christina and Lauren in an intimate setting (limited ticket numbers) while nibbling on canapés and maybe even enjoying a cheeky cocktail (Drinks at bar prices) to finish up the workweek. There will be a small Q&A session, a chance to mingle with other readers and get a book or two signed. Super relaxed, right in the heart of Melbourne with some of your closest book buddies. Tickets will go on sale in a couple of weeks with more information to follow. 

Looking forward to our first—hopefully of many—Unplugged events. 
Turn off the noise. It’s time to get acoustic. ‪#‎FYMU2016

After the success of our first FYMU featuring Lauren Billings from Christina Lauren, we are now open to authors who are looking to host their own. Publishers or publicists, please email us at

Please be aware that there are certain requirements before the FYM team can assist. Email us directly for more information. 

Turn off the noise. It’s time to get acoustic. ‪