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Upcoming Unplugged events...

Planning an event the size of Fictionally Yours, Melbourne is too large to undertake yearly. It was for this reason that we decided to run every two years, confident that your thirst for signings would be quenched by other signing events in other states. But when the opportunity presented itself to do something a little different, we embraced it in the only way the FYM Team know how—Go hard or go home. We are more than up for the challenge.

Fictionally Yours, Melbourne UNPLUGGED is not a signing, it’s an experience where we strip off the layers and relax with your favourite authors. Our first was Christina and Lauren @ The Apartment on August 19th 2016 followed by Kristen Ashley in 2018 (SOLD OUT) and Rachel Van Dyken in 2019 (SOLD OUT). Next up, we have Vi Keeland and Kylie Scott on May 11th 2019.

Looking forward to many Unplugged events. 
Turn off the noise. It’s time to get acoustic. ‪#‎FYMU

We've proven that these unplugged events are popular so we are now open to authors who are looking to host their own.

Authors, publishers or publicists, please email us at

Please be aware that there are certain requirements before the FYM team can assist. Email us directly for more information. 

Turn off the noise. It’s time to get acoustic. ‪


They came, they signed, they rocked it...

A double header featuring these two fabulous ladies: