‚ÄčFictionally yours, Melbourne

Penny Rudge and Tina Gephart

Okay, so we don't always look this glam but hey, we're both mums who work and run this kick arse event so we weren't going to put up 'regular' pics.

Both of us are happily married, sorry guys, and each have a son and daughter. We live on opposite sides of Melbourne so we pretty much have the whole place covered. Tina writes books, really good ones, and Penny reads books, again, really good ones. Because of this, FYM is our passion.

We want to bring readers together so we can celebrate our love for the written word. And of course, we want to have a few cheeky shots of tequila and a couple of Dirty Martini chasers with our friends from all over australia and the world. Who would've thought, two mummas from melbourne could bring together such an amazing group of authors and readers?

We did.

We do this for you guys. We do this so you have the opportunity to get away and indulge in your hobby and so you can meet new friends and leave with lasting memories. Come see our gorgeous city, meet our awesome attending authors and have a bloody ripper time! <-- how aussie is that? lol

Get ready to party! We'll see you in July.

With love, Penny & Tina


Ps. we love hugs and being told how awesome we are.