Fictionally yours, Melbourne

The wonderful Ms Anabel from Racy Hearts not only organised a sponsorship but also brought with her a wealth of invaluable advice and support. Anabel's team also supplied FYM2015 with the copies of Sweet Filthy Boy for our attendee bags. 

Fyna Foods supplied all the FYM2015 bags with their incredible liquorice. It was a favourite with many attendees who have since made it a snacking staple. 

Feedback from some of them:

"I'm not usually a big fan of liquorice, but this stuff was incredible! I had to hide it from my kids...and hubby" Rachael H

"The best I've had and I'm so sad we can get it over here in the USA." Attending author

​"I won't lie, I tried to steal my roommates pack while she was in the shower. I was busted but it was all good, we found them at IGA on our way home!" Mary N 

FYM 2015 was a success.

FYM2017 will be too.

We are now accepting limited sponsorship opportunities. To be a part of this incredible event, please contact us for information.