Fictionally yours, Melbourne

Massive thanks to our friends at SBC for supplying our fangirls and authors with delicious and beautiful cookies! #BestCookiesAround

Big thanks to Creative Confectionery for adding more deliciousness to our attendee and author bags. We look forward to hearing the feedback from everyone.

Penny and Tina can be a bit crazy at times, this is no secret. So when they decided to make a series of funny videos, Tash from OWL volunteered to film it. We don't think she regrets it but the fym girls sure don't. Tash has been a supporter of FYM from day one and they are so grateful to have such an amazing talent on their side. 

Fyna Foods supplied all the FYM2015 bags with their incredible liquorice. It was a favourite with many attendees who have since made it a snacking staple. 

Feedback from some of them:

"I'm not usually a big fan of liquorice, but this stuff was incredible! I had to hide it from my kids...and hubby" Rachael H

"The best I've had and I'm so sad we can get it over here in the USA." Attending author

​"I won't lie, I tried to steal my roommates pack while she was in the shower. I was busted but it was all good, we found them at IGA on our way home!" Mary N 

QBD were FYM's knight in shining armour. We are so grateful that they agreed to run the onsite book store and we look forward to working with them again in 2019.

HUGE thanks to Donna and the guys at The Australian Sweet Company. Our authors will receive a delicious treat donated by these guys and Im sure addictions will be started. #SweetProductSweetGuys


The FYM team (and attendees) would like to thank these amazing sponsors for supporting our event. Every bit of support was wholeheartedly appreciated. The Melbourne Period Project and FYM thank you. 


Anabel, support person, therapist, sounding board and canolli enthusiast. We would like to thank her and S&S for providing our readers with the chill zone, bean bags and other items. 

The wonderful Ms Anabel from Racy Hearts not only organised a sponsorship but also brought with her a wealth of invaluable advice and support. Anabel's team also supplied FYM2015 with the copies of Sweet Filthy Boy for our attendee bags. 

Big thanks to Lily from Krispy Kreme for providing doughnut vouchers for our attendees and our raffle. We DONUT know how to thank you. 

Big thanks to David from The City of Literature for his support and wise words. We appreciate him for taking FYM even more seriously than we do.  David also supplied fym with COL bags and Literature maps of Melbourne.

Big thanks to Debbie and the team at Fyna Foods for returning to support us in 2017 and supplying 650 bags of lollies for our event. #FYMLovesFyna

We wouldn't be the event we are without the team at Bloggers from Downunder. These ladies worked tirelessly to ensure all authors were equally promoted in the lead up to FYM. We look forward to working with them again in 2019.

We'd like to thank Serana and the team at HQ for their ongoing support of FYM. 

Huge shiny thanks to Jem at Art Forge for all of her help in making FYM pretty. Fifi, cartoon us, lanyards, author gifts etc Jem is responsible for all that awesome. We look forward to working with her again in 2019.