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JULY 7TH, 2018.

Ticket prices and info

Tickets go on sale on July 7th, 2018 @12noon Melbourne time. All tickets will go on sale at the same time. Once they are exhausted, they will be sold out. We can't hold or reserve tickets.

Tickets will be sold via event bee. Paypal is needed and please use correct/legal name for each ticket holder. WE REPEAT: USE YOUR LEGAL NAME ON THE TICKET AS SEEN ON YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE OR OTHER GOVERNMENT APPROVED ID. 

There are strictly no refunds but you are welcome to on sell your ticket at face value. Anyone caught selling at an inflated price will have their ticket cancelled and VOID. 

FYM Ultimate Fan girl - PRICING DETAILS TO COME Two day entry, Afterparty entry, early entry on either Sat or Sun (50 of each are available for purchase) and priority entry on day not going in early. Receive exclusive Fangirl Merch.

Authors are signing on ONE day each. Currently there are no authors signing across both days. If this changes, we will let you know.

You can purchase 2x FYM Fangirl tickets in one transaction or up to 6x 2 day and/or after party tickets.

Hotel discount code available next month for Crown Promenade. ** per night. Either twin room (2 x queen beds) or King room. Charges collected two weeks before event. Please be sure to check the BOND details on the Crown Hotels terms and conditions page.

Charity we are supporting is Melbourne Period Project. Donations of personal products and/or cash donations accepted on the day as well as additional money raised via raffles etc. 

Some authors will attend the after party.

All attendees must be 16 years or older and those under 18 require a legal guardian present and everyone must have a ticket. Obviously babies/breast feeding mothers are exempt for this exclusion.

Husbands welcome and encouraged but must have a valid ticket.

Books can be pre ordered or purchased on the day. Most authors only acceptation cash on the day and those travelling will have limited stock. Pre orders to be available as authors give them to us. There will be a book seller on the day for traditional published authors. OR bring your own from home.

Most authors will sign anything. Photo books must be made with permission from copyright holders.

You can take photos/selfies when getting books signed.

No limit on books unless authors request them to be limited.

You can bring authors gifts if you want.


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